Sunday, May 21, 2017

Marnie - Lost Maps/Electric Youth

Most of the people I know would stone me for such statement, but I really never liked Ladytron.
I feel like all their fairly good songs consist of few appealing notes repeated ad nauseam. They benefited from the lack of competition in guitar-oriented indie world and sharp looks.

Accordingly, I welcomed Helen Marnie's debut solo album Crystal World in 2013 with open mind. Wolves made it into Top 100 of my favourite singles of 2014. The new outing Strange Words and Weird Wars will land on June 2. Promo tracks sound very promising - Lost Maps are darker and Electric Youth is just ultra-anthemic. Oh, and before you start yelling "Drive soundtrack homage!", please bear in mind that the term has been introduced into pop discourse by Debbie Gibson in 1989.


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