Sunday, May 21, 2017

HAERTS - Your Love/No Love for the Wild

here still as fivepiece

Brooklyn band HAERTS is showing their songwriting chops across musical spectrum since 2011 -
from dreamy soundscapes in the vein of Fleetwood Mac (Wings from Hemiplegia EP) to hyperactive electro-pop (Giving Up from debut self-titled LP, out in 2014). Following very vital indie trend, group slimmed down recently to duo - vocalist Nini Fabi and keyboardist/guitarist Ben Gebert. 

Maybe it's not the worst idea, because they performed together as Nini & Ben in the past decade after all. Also, they seem to be focused on creating the most emotionally evocative album possible. Listening to the tracks we already now, you can get the impression that it's not Nini's lips that sing - it's her heart. Hard to tell, if we get also something lightweight from them this year. Beautifully crafted synth-pop - that's for sure.


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