Monday, August 22, 2016

Pope - Dance the Night Away

As much as I love the 80s, people in that decade were deprived of some joyful experiences like ABBA reunion and pop albums by the Bishop of Rome. In our times, nothing's impossible even if it sometimes raises the question: what's the deal? I know that puns are one the lowest forms of jokes but what if the artist I want to recommend you, London-born producer, DJ and singer Ashley Pope just  announced EP series Join the Faith? There's a logic in it: if you have a moniker, why to run away from it?

The first teaser of the project was duet with Esha Let's Be Together, followed by ultra positive Music Is Emotion. Pope's summer release is very infectious funky track called Dance the Night Away - a treat for all the house and nu disco fans. With gorgeous strings, crucial line lifted from Swedish Fab Four's Mamma Mia and sunny video, how can we resist it?


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