Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lyel - Shadow

There was a bestselling novel by Jackie Collins titled 'The World Is Full of Married Men'. And life of music blogger is full of electro-soul singers!
Predominantly females who do their darnedest to outchill, outsexy and outsmooth one another. What can one do to stand above the rest? Lyel is unique in the sense that Finnland where she lives specializes mostly in mannered retro male-led electro like Sin Cos Tan or Villa Nah (note that she's not native Finnish; she was born in famed German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen). I don't want to get into stereotypes too much but I believe that Tove Jansson character Little My would like her single Shadow with its naughty, rollicking spirit. That's quite different mood than in Waterproof - the song that put her on my map. It's not entirely depressing but I would call it more of a heartbroken Snork Maiden song...

More music, including new spoken-word piece 'Empathy (Poetry for the World)':

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