Thursday, June 16, 2016

Late Cambrian - Thanks For Your Time

I will say it right away: I never thought that Brooklyn's (or, more precisely, Bushwick's) duo Late Cambrian comprised of John Wlaysewski and mysterious O and augmented by drummer Alex Cohen would ever top the song that made me fall in love with them - Yearbook Photo.
Go and check it out - it's a melancholy piece Michael Angelakos would kill for to write, but never ever listen to it when you're going through heartbreak - it may be salt to your wounds... Thankfully, I don't speak from personal experience now.

With Thanks For Your Time they didn't outdo themselves but they came awfully close. It's much busier and darker 'night-driving' song, closer in style to the first taste of upcoming EP - St. Lucia-esque Dark Heart (Where Can We Go Now?) Competition among young electro-pop ensembles (even only taking Brooklyn into account!) is very stiff but they are definitely worth of closer look.


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