Monday, December 5, 2016

MKRNI - En tu lugar

Pop Goes the Blog is always happy to present music from various corners of the globe. Some time ago I wrote about talented singer/songwriter from Israel, today it's the time for a trip to Chile.

Synth-pop trio MKRNI (funny as it sounds, it's acronym of Makaroni) lacks in English-language coverage (shame!). From what I managed to find on Latin American websites and translate, they formed in 2008 and issued their first album titled Playa Futuro in 2012. Canciones followed two years later. In upcoming March, Pirotecnica Records will release their third effort, Hiperrealidad.

The first single En tu lugar (In your place) is captivating piece of dreamy electronics that might appeal both to the fans of 80s retro and poppier kinds of shoegaze. You can see similarities with Yoo-Yoo track I wrote about before. We wait for more from Elisita Punto, Sebastian Roman and Marcelo Pena Miopec.


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