Monday, November 14, 2016

Yoo-Yoo - Pet Shop Boys

What is the measure of Pet Shop Boys legacy? Maybe the fact that people started to name songs after them only when their 'imperial phase' (in Neil Tennant's words) ended.
Duo was so impressed by We're the Pet Shop Boys - My Robot Friend's effort from 2002 that they covered it (also their friend Robbie Williams gave that track a go). I don't know if Neil and Chris are already aware of Pet Shop Boys by new Swedish band Yoo-Yoo. I only came across that song (released in June) because it popped on my friend Mavoy's Spotify Discover Weekly. Judging duo's reaction to various shenanigans of the fans during recent meet & greets, they would probably approve.

It's not exactly clear who is in Yoo-Yoo. We're certain about Marcus Joons from already extinct but fabulous Korallreven and Niklas Tjäder aka Orkid (his brother Daniel was also in Korallreven and The Radio Dept.). As all good tributes do, the track doesn't recall PSB sound very much. Some reviewers are pointing out Ibiza house influence (I have a feeling that Music Sounds Better With You has been sampled). Polish people may think about The Beloved's Sweet Harmony while listening. The song's trippiness borders on ridiculous but on the whole it is a stunning example of modern indie creativity.


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