Monday, October 31, 2016

Born Stranger - Be Someone

A bit of history first - because glorious history it is.
London trio Strangers was the first band that scored a fortnight at the top of my private chart with Shine on You way back in 2012. Ultra-romantic song in Hurts vein has been rightly championed by Polish Romanthic Synthesis blog. The guys penned also other memorable singles like Safe/Pain and Sense of Liberty but inexplicably were unable to release whole album. In 2015 vocalist David Maddox-Jones and drummer Raife Hacking (interestingly enough,he played in several metal bands in previous decade) regrouped without keyboardist Piers Sherwood-Roberts as Born Stranger and started recording with Xenomania-collaborating producer Yoad Nevo (mixed Pet Shops Boys' Love etc., Bryan Adams' Room Service, Sugababes' Round Round and many other popular records).

The first result of their collaboration was Fire and the Flame in July 2016. At the end of September Born Stranger dropped relatively upbeat tune in their collection of mainly dark synth pop called Be Someone. There is always a shortage of performers in that genre who don't sacrifice melody for melancholy. Now we can only dream those longplay dreams come true.


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