Sunday, June 19, 2016

Simonne Jones - Gravity

We usually hate artists (or, more often, artisans) who spam us on social media like Twitter. I try to keep it cool with such cheap tactits because being up-and-coming writer I believe in word-of-mouth marketing as much as the next guy.
Also, sometimes these are diamonds among the rubble. I will write more about one of them - Salt Ashes - soon because her debut album will be out soon and there's no doubt it will be absolute smash.

Today I wanna write about the other singer who followed me on Twitter and I gave her a shot although I never heard of her before. Simonne Jones is a singer and composer from LA who now records music in Berlin. She is most known of her collaboration with electroclash enfant terrible Peaches titled Vaginoplasty. If there is any justice in the world, this songstress should be significant showbiz player soon. Her single Gravity is perfectly crafted, powerful slice of electro pop. No One from the same EP is grandiose old-fashioned ballad in Leona Lewis vein (also last Delta Goodrem single comes to mind), Abduction is dancefloor anthem with attitude and Spooky Action has old-school club vibe. I will root for Jones even more, knowing that she tries to sneak her engineering background into lyrics. If you want another reasons to become a fan, her stuff is self-produced and she admires Frederic Chopin music.

You can find whole EP Gravity on Spotify.

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