Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Client Liaison - World of Our Love

Are we sure Miami is American city?

This one is already one month old but I just have to live up to the hype of 'music to watch wombats by' from time to time.
Client Liaison is Melbourne electro-pop duo - Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan. They are known for such songs as End of the Earth - eccentric ode to their native Australia and Free of Fear - probably the best XXIth century approximation of Neil Tennant vocal style I ever heard. Guys are prepping their debut album. It will include the single World of Our Love - throwback to the optimism and idealism of early house music in the vein of Sterling Void's It's Alright, complete with diva-like female backing vocals. Cute cartoon video sports duo's trademark pastels while being one more perfect postcard for the Land Down Under. Koalas get me everytime, I must admit.

Oh, and their Facebook bio is a thing of wonder.

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