Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bands to watch: Sexy Suicide

I can't even express how glad was I to finally see my favorite Polish band/duo Sexy Suicide in action! It was on 3 June in Warsaw-Praga club Hydrozagadka.
They shared the bill with post-punk band The Cuts (very solid) and industrial outfit Das Moon (not my cup of tea, but if you like shrieking in German, you must check them out). The show was marred by many technical mishaps but the music spoke fot itself. You can already pre-order their debut LP Intruder. Judging from the concert, you can expect all-killer, no-filler approach. The duo comprised of Marika Tomczyk and Bartłomiej Salamon packed a lot of punch into self-promotion (this year we already received three videoclips: Shame of Device, Dangerproof and Never Forget) but unreleased tracks also sound like belonging on Greatest Hits collection.

It's not actually debut of those guys from southern Poland. In 2014 they released Midnight Stories LP as Neon Romance (my Album of the Year 2014, no less) but changed the name after Michał Kapuściński left. If you love 80's-styled syths but Electric Youth are too soft for you, Sexy Suicide will be the right choice! Polish alternative/electro scene is growing by leaps and bounds, we are close to the point where every city hosts festival dedicated to such sounds - impossible thought in sweet, sweet times of The Rasmus and Tokio Hotel - but something tells me that they will be riding high again in my year-end summary...

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