Friday, June 24, 2016

Acts to Watch - Salt Ashes

I'm trying not to throw such comparisons left and right (they can be backhanded compliments after all), but don't you agree that voice of Brighton girl Veiga Sanchez is pure sex? If you have such a tembre like singer recording under the alias Salt Ashes, even shopping list feels like I Feel Love. Fittingly, her songs channel the spirit of the golden days of disco. The self-titled album that will be out in less than one week (you can preorder!) will be full of legitimate bangers like If You Let Me Go, Somebody and Raided.

Website called revealed another album track Whatever You Want Me to Be. It showcases more sensitive side of Ms Sanchez, bordering on fashionable electro-soul. If you look for a sultry and energetic soundtrack for your summer parties, look no further!

And if you can't get enough of that voice, check out Le Youth's collaboration with The Voice alumnus Tay Beckham - vocal similarity is quite significant!

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