Monday, July 11, 2016

July music recommendations: Alpha Six Romeo, Amit Buium, SkyDive, We Are Magnetic

 Amit Buiun
July goes on, weather on my side of Baltic is pathetic, workload is so heavy I have time to pay attention only to my new Twitter followers (with one notable exception: see below). It's not without merit: thanks to my professional activities I will be coming back to Warsaw in September. I want it to be permanent solution this time. Hope it will improve my contacts with some of You. For a while, let's enjoy the music!

Alpha Six Romeo is indie new wave four-piece from San Francisco. Guys informed me that their singer Dennis Bestafka has Polish ancestry. Their debut LP Flint Loves Silver is out since June 14. The band lists U2, The Killers, Echo & the Bunnymen and The Chameleons among their influences and it shows. 'Flint' is anthemic, yearning and well suited for long car voyages. My favorite so far is the closer - Reap in the Sew.

SkyDive is duo of Jenna Mason-Brase and Khue Bui from Irvine in California. Their second ever EP Dancing in the Ashes encompasses whole range of styles (electronic and acoustic) and emotions. For example, Peace and Quiet is nothing like that (and no White Lies cover either). You can start exploration from synth-poppy 1982 (though H-E-L-P is not very dissimilar). On their Bandcamp page you can find more about the cute concept of animal covers (my account means in Polish 'I like moose' BTW).

We Are Magnetic are also duo, but from Bern (capital of Switzerland), consisting of two men known as "plus" and "minus". Their euphoric indie-pop sound should appeal to the fans of project like St. Lucia or Magic Man. Their new track is called Shut the Lights - and, according to its authors, tells about "contradictions of modern love". A little progress from last year's, There's No Love, I would say! You can find it and the rest of their output on SoundCloud and Spotify.

And, finally, something totally different. I'm grateful for 17 years old (!) Israeli artist Amit Buium who pointed me to her very first album Void. Classical music student from Jerusalem recorded vocal, synth, guitar and drum machine parts herself, helped by Daniel Ferber and Ziv Schachar. She considers herself dream pop maker, but be prepared for much darker and more introspective music than, say, Postiljonen, much closer to the things usually labelled as post-rock. Confessional lyrics should be interesting for the followers of singer-songwriter tradition. It's a perfect music for such stormy weather like the one I experience in northern Poland right now, the times when you are inclined to reconsider your life a little. It's such perfectly realized piece of work that no wonder preparations took almost two years!

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