Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3 in 1: Prince "I Would Die 4 U" covers - White Lies, Hotel Apache, Electrogenic


It may be the most pointless post in recent history of Pop Goes The Blog, but stupid saying "third time lucky" always works in my life, so here we go.
I wanted to compare and contrast two I Would Die 4 U covers that ran online rounds after Prince's untimely death but the idea got swept by the other blog concepts. But when I came across the THIRD, I resurrected it.

I Would Die 4 U was the fourth single off best-selling Purple Rain album, released in November 1984. Its B-side was Another Lonely Christmas. The song reached number 8 on Billboard and number 7 on Dutch charts. Why was it the song of mourning after The Purple One's demise for so many people? Maybe because maybe only few of us feel not a woman and not a man at the same time but most of us have or had someone in their life who was "not a lover, not a friend, someone they could NEVER comprehend"...

I Would Die 4 U from Hadyomama on Vimeo.
The oldest cover of the three is by popular London guitar trio White Lies. It was recorded fot the sake of 2013 EP Small TV (meaning: the opposite of LP Big TV) and dusted off for the sake of Biz Session arranged by The Sun in February. This rendition sounds stately, reminding of solo stuff by their bassist Charles Cave. Guys will present new album Friends, promoted by the single Take It Out on Me on 7 September. 

Californian high-energy electro band Hotel Apache tried different approach. Well, probably they are right: Prince seemed to be a person who would like to end his life in celebration. Video to this hyperactive cover has been released in April. You can check original songs of the foursome on their Soundcloud.

The most recent take is by Italian duo Electrogenic. Stefan and LaCrisi from Monza/Milan have also album Double Exposure that sounds pretty much like you can guess from their moniker - quite hard-hitting but catchy synth-pop. This version is as much pleading as White Lies' but electronic background adds another layer of claustrophoby, but also majesty.

Don't forget to tell me in the comments which one did you like the most !

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