Sunday, May 29, 2016

Jessie Ware - Till the End

Hello world!

What could be a better way to kickstart new English-language era of this blog than Jessie Ware - British singer who has been featured there at least three times!
Ms Ware expects a baby now but she came into the spotlight again recently due to her contribution to the soundtrack of a romantic movie Me Before You. Contrary to initial rumours, the rest of the soundtrack isn't a banjo fest either - it's always nice to see the recognition of HOLYCHILD and The Sound by The 1975 is one of my this year's jams.

Brixton native is slowly but surely becoming a 'go-to' songstress as far as evoking lovers' bliss is concerned. This song is another proof that she deserves it! My only complaint is that it could be longer. If you crave for more atmospheric synths, check Ware's recent collaboration with her label mates The Invisible - So Well.

Sorry for any inconvenience resulting from new layout. It must be changed again soon because not everything is displayed correctly now but please give me some time for that. Most probably posts in Polish (musings on topics that might be obvious to foreign reader) will still be appearing here from time to time.

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