Friday, November 11, 2016

Sølv - I'm Your Gun

One of the most iconic things Lana Del Rey ever did, was calling her sound "gangsta Nancy Sinatra".
Knowing the allegations concerning her famous father, supposition that Nancy Sinatra was never gangsta sounds rather absurd, but the phrase is so masterly coined now it's hard to listen to acerbic Tarantino-esque love songs without a mental image of fedora-wearing men pulling off triggers. 

The best such song in October, aptly titled I'm Your Gun, has been delivered by British singer Sølv ("silver" in Norwegian). It was her second published track, coming on the heels of more morose, evocative Losing My Mind. Faster, almost dance-y chorus nicely contrasts with slower verses. I also like the fact that I never know if that girlish voice not far from my favorites Mr. Little Jeans and Lilyer sings "i'm your gun" or "i'm your girl"... We already know whole EP Black Ink (powerful title track!) proving that new talent in electronic pop emerged - palatable also for dream pop fans.

PS. If you want your female vocals with a touch of old-timey burlesque and less synths, try Red Rosamond and thank me or my friend Mavoy later.


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