Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sofia Zorian - Feeling

My recap of OFF Festival is in Polish only, so to cut long story short: it was total disaster if you went for headliners (most of them pulled off at the last moment) and very rewarding experience if you wanted to discover obscure world music, if you are shoegaze fan or soul music lover. Quite exhausting, too, especially journey back home with no headphones and phone charger. One thing kept me alive on that day: realization that most gorgeous female singer I've seen in ages (I know e purpose of this blog is to judge music, not looks, but it's just calling spade a spade) liked my photo of Lush and followed my Instagram account.

The girl in question, previously completely unknown to me, was 21-year old Los Angeles musical prodigy and model of Armenian origin Sofia Zorian. Maybe you heard of her sister Emilia Zoryan who is an actress (her musical connection is role in Angels & Airwaves video). She is regularly gigging in her neighborhood and sharing covers of contemporary hits on YouTube and SoundCloud. Sofia just released her first single lyrics Feeling. Song lives up to its name - you can tell the singer is overflown with emotions. The closest musical cousin of her sound is surely Birdy but I sensed also resemblance to the composition I like much - She Came Home for Christmas by Mew.

I also heartily recommend her little foray into hip-hop world: All Your Fault with AG. As we can tell from the snippet of a new song, "epic" is still a key word!

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